Using the Power of Social Media to Market Your Online Business!

So how do you market your online business without draining your bank account? That’s a very good question, pay-per-click or PPC marketing is not necessarily the only way you can get fast results and generate more leads for your business. Social media marketing is becoming more and more popular and the best thing of all is it’s FREE!Particularly if you are just starting out on the internet and have no experience at all I strongly suggest that you start your marketing using social media because PPC with Google, Yahoo and Bing can cost you a lot of money if you haven’t the experience with keyword research and campaign optimization. To learn the strategies to be a ‘Google Guru’ can take months when you can write an article or press release and shoot a quick video about something that interests you or share some knowledge you have about a particular subject with people, submit it and its out there for all to see. To give you an idea of the power of this social media revolution lets take a look at these statistics:• There are more than 300 million active users on Facebook and half of those log in everyday!
• More than 75% of people using the internet read blogs!
• 20% of US adults use Twitter or some other similar service!
• 27 billion people used podcasts in 2009!
• There are 20 million viewers logging into the top 5 article sites per month!
• The top 10 book marketing sites attract more than 80 million visitors each month!So as you can see this is BIG! This is why you need to learn how to use these incredible tools so you can build your brand, connect with your customers and very importantly position yourself as an expert. Don’t be intimidated if you’re just getting started in your online business and have no idea what I am talking about, social media really isn’t difficult and to get started try the formula I use. Write down 10 questions that you have about marketing your business and then do a Google search on a particular question and you will have a list of answers. Read through a few of them take good notes and before long you will have some great raw material to start your social media marketing.Write an article and shoot a quick video, either using a video camera (it doesn’t have to be fancy) or webcam, each video being 2 to 4 minutes long. Submit your articles to 3 or 4 of the top article submission sites and blast out your videos to video sites and put them up on a blog. Do this consistently every day and you will soon see some significant results in your business. For more great tips on marketing listen to top earner Michael Force as he explains why you need a marketing educational platform to teach you how to effectively market your online business…

Why Online Business?

Starting or growing an Online Business is one of the most exciting and potentially one the best steps that you can take. Many people start with very simple ideas or a passion and before they know they are making an income from that passion. This is because when you work on something that you consider your passion, it becomes an enjoyable activity and is not considered work.Somebody that loves technology can start blogging about technology by either focusing on a particular niche or in general. By incorporating various technology products in their blog which may produce passive income from readers of his blog.Depending on your time and commitment to your passion there is no limit as to what you can achieve.Advantages Of Online BusinessThere is a multiple array of advantages as to why this form of business is so enticing for many people.
Flexibility – You can work from anywhere that has a computer and a internet connection.
Low Start up Costs – Many people start up their Online Business purely by utilizing free tools such as Blogging software and Social Media websites.
Multiple Streams of Income – With the endless amount of ways to make money online, such as Traffic Trading or Affiliate Marketing you can setup a Online Business using the Parthenon Principle.Disadvantages of Online BusinessThese are no real disadvantages of this form of business as such, however there are a few aspects which may no be favorable.
Constant Changing Environment – The Internet is constantly evolving and changing and you must be able to adapt your business to ‘keep up with the trend’ or better yet anticipate the new trend and capture the market first.
Hard Work – Just like a normal business you need to have dedication, commitment drive to be successful. At the end of the day you will get out of your business what you put in.First steps to take to boost your Online Profile
Online Profile Boosting Tip 1: Create a Blog (WordPress or Blogger are great)
Online Profile Boosting Tip 2: Create a Twitter account
Online Profile Boosting Tip 3: Create a Google ProfileThe most important thing that must be kept in mind is that just like any traditional business, it will take time and plenty of work to have a successful business. With commitment and patience you will eventually see returns from your efforts in multiple ways. Every small achievement is another step froward to fulfilling your goals.